Step-by-Step Instructions Here is a step-by-step illustrated instruction to creating an observer in Minecraft: Making an observer is much easier than it appears. The first step is to collect both Redstone dust. You'll need some cobblestone in order to collect the two Redstone dust, so make sure you get six extra blocks. To obtain Redstone, you must first locate and mine Redstone ore. To obtain Redstone ore, you must first create an Iron pickaxe. To obtain an iron pickaxe, you must first create a wooden pickaxe. Three wooden planks and two sticks are required for this. Once you've gathered your resources, arrange them in the following arrangement on your crafting table. Making a Pickaxe from Wood You need to update your wooden pickaxe to stone now that you've made it. To perform this, you'll need three pieces of cobblestone, which you may get by mining three pieces of stone in a cave. Caves are lined with stone, therefore obtaining stone should not be difficult. Any of the gray blocks shown below will be the stone in a cave. Cave in Minecraft To make a stone pickaxe, use the following recipe: Making a pickaxe out of stone You must then make an iron pickaxe. All you need to make an iron pickaxe are three iron ingots and two sticks. To obtain three iron ingots, simply discover three iron ore in your mine and process them in a furnace. One iron ore yields one iron ingot. You must set your three iron ingots in your crafting table with the following formula once you have earned them. constructing an iron pickaxe You need to go find Redstone ore now that you have your iron pickaxe. Redstone dust will fall when you mine the Redstone ore with your iron pickaxe. After gathering your Redstone and cobblestone, proceed to the nether. To reach the nether, you must collect three diamond ores. One diamond is dropped when one diamond ore is broken. Return to your crafting table once you've collected your three diamonds. You must make a diamond pickaxe with your three diamonds and two sticks by following the recipe below. In Minecraft, you can make a diamond pickaxe. Minecraft observer Step 8) Now that you've made your pickaxe, you'll need to locate a lava pool. Bring a bucket of water with you, and when you find the lava pool, pour the water on top of it. When water comes into touch with lava, it transforms the lava into obsidian. In Minecraft, you may turn lava into obsidian. Now that you have your obsidian, use your diamond pickaxe to mine it. They take a long time to mine with a diamond pickaxe, but only ten of them are required. You can construct a Nether gateway using these ten pieces of obsidian. Nether quartz ore can be found in the Nether. To obtain nether quartz, mine one of these. You must return to your crafting table once you have obtained your cobblestone, redstone dust, and nether quartz. Go to the crafting table and use the recipe below to make an observe